Life Traps Therapy Online Course (BETA)

Life Traps Therapy BETA Course

taught by Heba El-Hakim
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Confidently discover the tools and techniques to:

  • Create a more positive and productive environment
  • Develop fulfilling relationships
  • Energise and transform your everyday life
  • Free yourself from worry, anxious feelings and panic
  • Break the cycle of self-defeating patterns and behaviours
  • Overcome feelings of insecurity and rejection

Introducing Life Traps Therapy for Women Entrepreneurs - a soulful journey of breaking through your specific life traps to END negative emotions and behaviours and feel GREAT again about your life and their business!

The areas of life that we will closely look at together and improve are: MONEY, BUSINESS, MINDSET, HEALTH and RELATIONSHIPS.

Life traps are negative life patterns, which began when we were children or adolescents, and which repeat themselves throughout our lives.

They're difficult to overcome because they feel comfortable and familiar to us, and they're very resistant to change.

So let me ask you this:

  • Are you drawn to the same type of partner over and over, where you subjugate your own needs to the point where they're never met?
  • Do you find yourself always overreacting to the same kinds of situations, getting 'triggered' all the time?
  • Are you stuck, seemingly forever, in some area of your life, but can't change?
  • Is your self-confidence low?
  • Is your relationship full of conflicts, large and small?
  • Do you find yourself developing addictions?
  • Do any of the following seem to describe your core belief:

"I'm unlovable"

"I'm a failure"

"People don't care about me"

"I'm not important"

"Something bad is going to happen"

"People will leave me"

 "I will never get my needs met"

"I will never be good enough"

The objective of this course is to help you recognise those repeating patterns of unhelpful behaviour in your life and in your personal relationships and to help you change them.

This course has been developed specifically for those who are constantly living their life traps and cannot seem to change them and are stuck in self-defeating patterns.

How do you know you that's you?

The first part of the course will be spent EXPLORING your life traps using questionnaires, assessments and score sheets that I will provide you and we will discuss them during the coaching calls.


In this life traps focused online course for emotional problems, you can expect to (over time):

  • Become less 'clingy' with your partner
  • Learn to relax when you're alone, and how to tolerate your fear of abandonment
  • Learn how to become more trusting, and to embrace risk and fear through the use of imagery and exposure
  • Develop a sense of your own identity, likes and dislikes
  • Improve your confidence and your self-esteem by overcoming your feelings of insecurity and rejection
  • Learn how to have more fulfulling relationships, avoiding 'cold' and rejecting partners or intense relationships that burn out quickly
  • Heal the wounded 'inner child' through the life traps "re-parenting" technique
  • Learn how to monitor your feelings of emotional deprivation in your current relationship
  • Learn how to break through your money mindset that sabotage your potential to earn more
  • Free yourself from self-doubt, anxiety, fear and panic over starting or maintaining your business/career


The course will consist of 5 modules (see the Course Outline below). 

The first module Module 1 will probably be the most intense as we dive into each of the 11 life traps and learn about them and find out if we have adopted them. 

Then we will dive into Module 2 which is about discovering ways to change our life traps and obstacles to change that we need to keep in mind.

Then we will go straight into 3 core modules (Module 3, 4 and 5) that I believe are critical for us to develop lasting change: Self-Empowerment, Mindfulness and Forgiveness.

I will provide some guided meditations and worksheets in these modules so that we can take our self-awareness and emotional healing to the next level.

Every week there will be:

  • Live Q&A Coaching Calls
  • Thought-provoking threads to begin discussions inside a private Facebook VIP support group
  • Hot Seat Calls - the chance to get 1:1 private coaching from me to discuss YOUR particular challenges
  • Check-Ins BEFORE and AFTER each module to see how you feel before and after each and where you see opportunities for improvement (this is where you will play your role as a true "beta" student, telling me what is working, what's not, and helping me shape the content of this course)
  • Guided Meditations to begin your days and weeks on the right foot.


When you sign up for this BETA course of Life Traps Therapy, not only are you receiving this course at the lowest price it will EVER be, you will also receive access to the following special bonuses:

FREE BONUS #1: Essential Emotional Aromatherapy 30-page PDF Guide

When I was in psychotherapy and learning about my own life traps, and couple with my deep knowledge about how to use essential oils and blend them together according to their unique chemistry, I created a secret list of some very special essential oil diffuser blends and sprays that helped me through the process of changing my life traps and strengthening my emotional wellbeing

FREE BONUS #2: Private VIP Facebook Support Group

This includes LIVE weekly coaching calls with me where you will be able to come in and ask your questions and receive additional support from me.  

FREE BONUS #3: Special Masterclass with Expert (TBA in Week #2)

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Heba El-Hakim
Heba El-Hakim
Essential Oils & Emotions Mentor, Success Coach

Hi there! I'm Heba and I'm an Essential Oils & Emotions Mentor, Success Coach, Public Speaker and Savvy Entrepreneur. I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada but currently reside in Melbourne, Australia since 2010 with my dear husband and gorgeous 6-year-old girl. I am extremely passionate about educating and empowering people to strengthen their understanding about their emotions and how to express them freely as well as love to teach about the use of essential oils as a means to achieve emotional and physical wellbeing! 

Using my knowledge of essential oils, I decided to create an EMOTIONS LIBRARY where you can search by emotion for the essential oils that would help release negative emotions or enhance positive emotions. Through the use of essential oils I've been able to feel my emotions better and I developed a natural approach to supporting my emotional wellbeing.

Working for myself has allowed me to do all the things I love to do, and fit my work life around my family life, instead of the other way around. This gives me the chance to be present with my daughter and to spend time with my husband who has supported me throughout my business. I also get to work each and every day with amazing people, teaching them about the oils, making new friends and even helping some of them to create their own business.

Feel free to reach out to me through my website as I'd love to get to know you more and find out how I can serve you better! :-)

xo Heba